Rates of Non-Paternity and Misattributed Paternity

Paternity has become a popular topic these days.  So much so that a documentary titled Who’s Your Daddy? recently aired that delves into various aspects of paternity focusing on non-paternity and misattributed paternity.

Misattributed paternity is when a child’s recognized father is not their biological father.  The documentary explores what the actual rate of non-paternity and misattributed paternity may be, and opens by describing an unpublished study that showed 30% of children had different blood groups from the man they called their father, which would suggest an actual rate of non-paternity would be 30%.

However, the study that was referenced was not testing paternity so the rate of 30% may be too high or may not be high enough.  The actual rate will depend on different regions and how many women had multiple partners at the time of conception.  Unfortunately, this makes knowing the rate of non-paternity and misattributed paternity very difficult to predict and why there is a need for standardized paternity testing.