Paternity Testing on the Rise in China

growth chartWhen I think of China sexual freedom, extramarital affairs, and paternity testing are definitely not the first things that cross my mind.  However, all of these appear to have become more prevalent and/or accepted in China in recent years.  In fact, it has been recently reported that DNA paternity tests have become quite popular in the last decade.

This is mostly being attributed to the fact that the standard of living has been consistently improving since the 1990s, which has lead not only to more people being able to afford the test but also an increase in affairs.  One lab, Zhongzheng Forensic Authentication Institute in Beijing has performed more than 40,000 paternity tests in the last decade alone, and anonymous requests account for the majority of tests performed.

It seems that no country, no matter how reserved or conservative, is immune from the “who’s your baby daddy” drama these days. China has become one of the world’s largest economies in recent years, and it appears that with greater prosperity comes greater suspicions of paternity regardless how much control the government exerts on its people.