Paternity Now Being Taught in High School


Well, at least one high school was teaching it.  Romeo High School in Romeo, MI had a question for 9th grade biology students that stated a woman “had issues finding out who the father of her baby was”.  Obviously this is something that you can expect to hear on Maury Povich, but parents are understandably upset that their 9th graders are subjected to this type of question on their homework.

Many are wondering why this type of question would be necessary to teach teenage students about DNA and biology.  You would think there should be more age-appropriate subject material for high school biology.  However, with the world we live in, this is a real life example of how to apply DNA and biology to a real world situation, so I can sympathize with the teacher at least on that point.

Larry Basaj, the father of one of the 9th graders, contacted the school district regarding the inappropriateness of the subject material, and Romeo superintendent conceded that the questions was “poorly worded and a bad selection,” which means the end of baby daddy biology for now.