Jason Patric – Legal Paternity Battle (Part IV – A New Hope…for fathers)

I’ve been following this story for the last six months and now it seems CONGRATULATIONS are finally in order – Jason Patric has won his 2-year battle to win legal status as the father to Gus! You can see the announcement here on the Stand-Up-For Gus website. This however is not the end (unfortunately) but still is a great success for Patric and a huge milestone for the legal system.

This case has the potential to help change the antiquated laws that have been set in place for decades if not even hundreds of years. Laws that were initially set up to help protect mothers (and children) that are now being abused by them. There are plenty of biological fathers out there who want to be a part of their child’s life, but the mother refuses to let that happen. Sometimes the mother even has some other man paying child support for her child that actually is somebody else’s biological kid and the child support systems and the courts usually do not think twice about it. That may all finally start to change thanks to Jason and his Stand Up for Gus team and supporters bringing fresh new light into this age old battle. Sounds like  I am writing a subplot for the new Star Wars film…Leia is refusing Han to see their children and that is what “awakens the force”…oh, but I digress.

Obviously we will not see any drastic changes with the laws though for a while but men all across the country are and have always been fighting. It’s an uphill battle and guys like author/life coach Stephan Labossiere understand that sometimes the change simply needs to come from within. As he states on his blog: Don’t lose sight of what is most important, which is allowing your child to receive the love and presence of both of their parents. Make time to address and heal from the lingering pain.

Yes, I’m sure it is far more easily said than done, but if you dwell in the past, the future for your child may not be very bright. As I have stated before, we may never know the truth about what actions Jason Patric may or may not have done to Danielle Schrieber – I just hope now, that for their child (Gus), things will work out.

If you are a father fighting for rights to see your child – don’t give up hope. If you have questions about Paternity DNA testing and how to proceed, call 1-888-522-8386 for a free consultation.