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Find Legal Paternity Test has been developed to provide a low cost alternative to the traditional DNA Testing procedures. Our high volume of testing allows us to pass the savings onto the client.

We strive to offer the most convenient and affordable Paternity Testing solution.


The mission of Find Legal Paternity Test is to provide support and counselling from when you call until you receive results. We take pride in offering the best customer support with no pressure to buy.


Legal Paternity Testing

Legal Paternity tests are available at over 1000 locations. Testing is accredited and valid in a court of law.

Home Paternity Testing

We also offer Home Paternity Testing Kits that are just as accurate as a Legal Paternity Test. The easy to use kit can be mailed anywhere in the US. This type of paternity test is for curiosity purposes and can not be used in court to prove paternity.


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