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Find Legal Paternity Test has locations across the United States. Locations are professional and discreet laboratories that administer the DNA Test.

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We use AABB and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories for all legal paternity tests. These labs participate in proficiency DNA testing and are re-inspected yearly.

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The most affordable pricing for Legal Paternity Testing anywhere you are! One low price includes everything from start to finish.

Testing Offered

  • Legal Paternity Testing
  • Home DNA Kits
  • Relationship Testing
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Find Legal Paternity Test
When needing to establish paternity for legal purposes, legal paternity testing is only a phone call away. We provide legal paternity tests at 1000s of locations.

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Japan’s Supreme Court Rules DNA Testing Not Enough to Sever Paternity

In a surprising ruling, the Supreme Court of Japan claimed DNA testing was not enough to break the bonds of... Read More →
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